Losing Weight - A Body in Motion

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Newton tells us that a body in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon; likewise, a body at rest will stay at rest until acted upon. This gives us a powerful metaphor for the difficulties of getting into a proper, healthy exercise habit that can help shed weight and keep it off.

Habits can work both for and against us. They build up every single day, one way or another. If we don't take specific action, we're going to find ourselves stuck in the bad habits that have held us back for so long. However, if we can break the mold and get ourselves into a good, strong routine of healthy habits, we will find they are much easier to maintain. This applies just as much to exercise as to any other habit we have in mind. Taking it step by step (literally!) can make all the difference in the world.

Step 1 - Start Small, but Start NOW

The nice thing about exercise habit-building is that exercise is actually very easy. It may seem counter-intuitive, but you can start exercising the moment you wake up.

When you wake up, you tend to stretch. Turn this into a routine, rather than a reflex. When you wake up, start with the legs. Rotate the ankles, then flex and stretch the calves and the thighs. Move up to your middle and torso, and work out to your arms, stretching everything from shoulders to fingers. Then reverse the process and work your way back down. This can be done in as little as two or three minutes.

Taking the time to begin exercising right when you wake up gets your mind in a proper, habit building attitude right from the get go. You aren't fitting it in where you can, but ordering your day around it. Remember that habit-building works best when done at the same time every day, so what better time than first thing each morning?

Step 2 - Every Day, Do Something

We've all seen commercials promising spectacular results with a certain machine and 20 minutes of exercise three times a week. While it's true that even three sessions a week can offer some benefits, it's hard to build habits when you keep interrupting yourself with days off.

Instead, find a way to exercise just a little, every single day. Power walk to the mailbox and back to the house. Belt out 15 sit-ups and push-ups before you get into the shower or have breakfast. Park further out from work or the store than usual.

These are all small ways you can work "extra" exercise into your day. They build up the mindfulness that every day is an opportunity, and create the associations that make the habit a daily occurrence, rather than a periodic event.

Step 3 - Pick your Time, Keep your Time

While taking extra opportunities for exercise is a good part of healthy workout habits, this can't be the only tool in your arsenal. The key to habit-building early on is proper scheduling. When we do the same thing at the same time, it builds into the habit we need it to be.

So pick a time every day to do some exercise. It doesn't always have to be the same exercise, either. You could alternate strength exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups one day with cardio exercises - which are great for burning fat - the next day.

Whichever specific exercise you choose, make sure to stick with it at the same time. Let people know in advance, immediately, once you set your time. Tell them you'd love to visit the new Italian restaurant together or work with them on important projects, but this time is sacrosanct and important to you. Don't compromise it for anything short of a genuine emergency. Your wishes are just as important as theirs, so treat them with the same respect.

Step 4 - Build on It

So far we've discussed a few simple ways to begin working exercise into your life. We start with stretches in the morning and a few light push-ups or sit-ups to get the heart moving. The next step is to increase the difficulty. The number five is a wonderful benchmark. Going from 15 push-ups to 20 is easy to do, only five more, but it provides a measurable step up the ladder of working out. Add five reps or minutes to your routine every few days to see if you can push yourself further, and you'll be amazed what you can accomplish.

Additionally, you can build on your routine to include others beyond just yourself. We've talked before about having a support partner or friend to help encourage you along. If this friend wants to spend some time hanging out, invite them to exercise with you. You can have a nice chat between exercises, and you'll have the shared experience of doing something that benefits you both, while also having a chance to be with a friend. This will create a pleasurable feeling, and make the appointment to exercise that much more fun to anticipate.

Good luck!

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