Lose Weight Not Money

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More and more people, around the world, want to see themselves in great shape. Women are more conscious about their slim, smart and sexy looks. To look smart is a positive healthy sign and I encourage those who are taking weight loss programs and are in the process of losing their weight. But the ugly fact is that most people lose money instead of losing weight. Why? Because they are not sincere to their bodies. Yes, the number one reason of their failure in losing weight is lack of sincerity to their bodies.

If you are sincere to your body then you should not involve in any “quick” weight loss activity. You should not take any “miracle” diet or “magic” pills which guarantee you weight loss in hours or in days. This is simply not possible. Be aware that these types of advertised diets or pills will give more harm to your body than good as these diets are not without any adverse side effects.

It’s a well-known fact that you cannot lose weight in hours or in days. Healthy weight loss is a continuous and planned effort. You must plan losing weight slowly and gradually. For this purpose, you not only need a strong inner motivation but also require to make necessary changes in your eating, drinking, working and leisure habits. You also need to be patient to know the reaction of your body to any new diet or weight loss program. Let your body accept the reality and adjust itself to the changed circumstances. I must also say that don’t be cruel to your body. Over dieting or over exercising may be fatal.

You must be very selective in taking a weight loss program. It is quite possible that a diet program which is most suitable to one of your friends may not be that effective on your body. Always look for a “healthy” weight loss program which assures you good health besides gradually losing your weight rather than for a “quick” weight loss program which may deprive your body of essential minerals and vitamins.

Take that weight loss program which is most suitable to you keeping in view your own genetic and physical requirements. If you feel more energy in your body after losing weight then it’s a healthy weight loss program. Keep it up! But if you feel severe weakness, dizziness, tiredness, stress, headache or stomach upset then drop that diet immediately.

Lose weight wisely! Don’t lose your money or health.

Hifzur Rehman is the editor of http://www.selfimprovement.ch and author of articles on personal growth, health and beauty.
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