How To Build Immunity Through "Correct" Food

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A 1999 study of the American Cancer Society suggests that over one-third of the 563,100 cancer deaths were caused by nutrition. But more importantly, on the brighter side, it concluded that most of these could have been prevented.

Why? What's going wrong? Despite our improved standard of living, why are infections and disease more rampant. Why are our bodies not able to respond effectively?

The answers lie in eating habits. Little do we realize that being fed on "junk" food and the "rushed" eating habits are taking a heavy toll of our physical AND mental health.

Some of us have begun to acknowledge the downside of these foods by resorting to "health diets" such as "high fibre", "low cholesterol", "diet-foods" etc.

But here lies the problem. We go overboard in the OPPOSITE direction. This leads to a unique set of problems. As years pass by, don't be too surprised if we have a whole new set of illnesses caused by these so-called "health-diets".

The need today is to BUILD UP OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS.

So then, what de we eat and how? It's astonishing that despite having the solution in front of our eyes we choose to ignore it. In our enthusiasm to develop new fashionable foods, we have turned a blind eye to what has existed for centuries….

Yoga has developed an eating philosophy and a concept of a balanced wholefoods diet. These powerful principles help in maintaining a healthy body along with a stress-free mind. What's most important is that they have existed for ages and it's NOT some "recently-developed untested and unproved fad". Ancient yogis are known to have lived to well over 100 years of age WITHOUT disease or illness.

Yoga does not dissect food into vitamins, minerals, protein etc. Instead, the true benefits of these vital ingredients can be had only when they are NOT isolated but as much in their original form as possible.

Foods must be as close to their "whole" or natural state as possible. Such foods are called wholefoods and are not pre-processed in any way.

The key to true health is to have a balanced wholefoods diet. Such a diet ensures that the 3 functions of digestion - absorption, assimilation and elimination – work in perfect harmony.

Often "synthetic" or "processed" foods create conditions that disrupt the harmony between these 3 functions. Over years, this leads to severe physical and psychological problems.

How do we go about adopting a wholefoods routine? Firstly, we MUST set aside time for eating. We owe that commitment to ourselves. Food CANNOT be treated as one of those "rushed" affairs. Believe me, once you realize the gains, you'll be wondering why you didn't do it before.

The next is to get down to wholefoods selection, setting wholefood menu plans and preparing wholefoods dishes. The golden rule of wholefoods cooking is to keep it simple.

The bottomline…Let's not ignore the early signs of personal illness until it's too late. Let's go back to the basics to develop an eating format that will make our bodies stronger and more resistant to infections, allergies and attacks.

With best wishes for your health and happiness,

About the Author:

Arun Goel is the founder of "Health and Yoga" A popular website that helps you find natural solutions for complete health and detoxification. Discover health and beauty…. Naturally!!

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