How Healthy Is Your Brain?

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Your brain health may depend on what your doctor has prescribed!

Today thousands upon thousands are being prescribed unnecessary medication that could mean the end of their brain health!

Billions of dollars is put into the pocket of drug companies while those taking the drugs recommended run the risk of brain illness and/or disease!

Has your doctor told you that you needed to lower your Cholesterol and tells you it is to prevent heart disease or strokes?

According to studies published over the last five years “..low LDL cholesterol levels may actually increase your risk of Parkinson's disease.” That particular study involved 236 people -- 124 Parkinson's patients and 112 control patients. The researchers measured all the participants' cholesterol levels and gathered information regarding their smoking habits
and use of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Researchers found that the subjects with the lowest LDL levels (less than 114 milligrams per deciliter) had a 3.5-fold higher occurrence of Parkinson's than the participants with higher LDL levels.

Conventional Medicine keeps wondering why millions-and-growing dementia problems such as Alzheimer’s exist and they say they haven't a clue... The clue is there but it’s being ignored because they don’t have the honest facts about cholesterol or cholesterol lowering medications! Watching all these years tells me the pharmaceutical industry along with doctors who never check things out and aim for an LDL below 250, are creating this
epidemic of brain issues!

Ignoring The Truth!

A Mayo Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Behrenbeck stated: “Rare cases of memory loss have been reported in people
taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, such as Lipitor. But these reports were anecdotal and have not been
substantiated by formal testing of cognitive function. In most of these cases, memory improved after the individuals
stopped taking the statins.”

That is double talk!! In one breath; he said statin drugs doesn’t cause a memory loss then the next breathe he says
that the problem stops with no longer taking the drug! That is in subjects that were smart enough to have Someone who knew to stop the drugs!

Do they cause memory loss or not?

Your doctor will tell you that lowering your cholesterol will stop your risk of heart attack, stroke or heart disease, so
you need it.


If you have not read the prescription insert that you get ith your drug, DO SO! Somewhere in that insert in all cholesterol lowering drugs it says… “This medication has not been proven to prevent heart attacks, strokes or heart disease.” Yet you are suppose to believe it does?

What both Independent studies and drug company studies found is that statin drugs decrease the CoQ10 in people taking cholesterol lowering drugs. The heart as well as the brain must have sufficient CoQ10 supplies to function properly. Tests done for CoQ10 found that after 8 weeks of taking statin drugs the CoQ10 levels drop off 40%. This fact alone starves the heart and brain of that needed nutrient! If you are over 50 it is already dropping anyway and add this fact to age? That spells disaster to your brain!

An article published in the journal Biofactors, cardiologist and researcher Dr. Peter Langsjoen wrote, "The depletion of the essential nutrient Co q10 by the increasingly popular cholesterol lowering drugs, HMG CoA reductase inhibitors (statins), has grown from a level of concern to one of alarm. With ever higher statin potencies and dosages and with a steadily shrinking target LDL cholesterol, the prevalence and severity of Co q10 deficiency is increasingly noticeable."

The body manufactures cholesterol because it needs it, if it is healthy, and only when the body’s ability to do that is
interrupted does it not produce effective amounts. Your body requires cholesterol and what may be high for one body could be exactly what another body needs to work correctly. Nobody knows what is too little or too much for any individual making “one-size-fits-all prescribing” wrong!

Who set the so-called normal numbers? Not your doctor!

When the first cholesterol drug came on the market I was working as a medical office nurse and the average cholesterol
numbers to aim for then was 350. Good number, but that didn’t sell enough drugs for the pharmaceutical company so
they have gradually lowered normal until now the numbers are bordering on death for almost all patients who reach
that normal.

An Osteopath doctor, I worked with, when the first lower numbers (250) were given to the office, told us that with 250 number we would be seeing many more heart attacks and strokes in the future because of it. He explained that you cannot be healthy and live well with cholesterol lower than 250 for very long without the body going into some type of revenge and overworking trying to produce more cholesterol thereby taxing the heart and blood vessels throwing the body off.

We are truly into killer numbers now at 100 to 150. I have not seen the osteopath in twenty-eight years and I wonder what he said when those numbers showed up? His first prediction bore out with the patient calls I had to field after a few weeks or months on cholesterol lowering drugs… It is worse now as people are having heart attacks and strokes per capita than ever in the history of mankind. That caused me to take my husband off the drugs.

Scientists have always said, just not widely published; “Inflammation and bad diets build up plaque and cause artery blockages that can cause heart attacks!”

For many years now studies have shown that inflammation kills, not cholesterol. But for the most part you will not hear
about them as they are not released to the news media, due to suppression by the drug industry who puts billions of dollars into TV, Radio and Magazine advertising.

If you have Arthritis, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, gum disease, or any inflammatory illness you are a candidate for a stroke or heart attack, so take care of those problems. Not with drugs, which have severe side effects and do not stop the inflammation from happening but do it with natural
alternatives that does stop inflammation!

About the Author:

Author Lena Sanchez, a retired Medical Office Nurse and Medical Office Consultant, took charge of her life in 1992 found healthy drug-free alternatives and pain relief from a multitude of health issues. Now committed to helping others do the same by educating on actually treating illness and disease rather than masking symptoms. Writes and publishes "Lena's Health Nugget" free weekly newsletter. To subscribe

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