Healthy Remedies From God’s Farmacy!

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God’s "Farmacy," – I know how to spell the other pharmacy but in my book Farmacy should be the correct spelling – vitamins and minerals are a necessity just as is tasty foods, which can make or break your health. It's necessary to eat as many raw foods as possible in order to get as many nutrients as possible.

Today necessitates the use of fresh herbs and minerals to make up the difference in nutrient value lost in our soils that grow our foods.

“Until man duplicates a blade of healthy grass, man can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge.” Thomas Jackson, M.D.

In the near future we will see the FDA saying we cannot use or distribute herbs, if things continue the way they are going, but for the knowledgeable they will have to make
a law saying that I cannot eat carrots, parsley, dandelions, etc. They will also have to make a law that we cannot grow herbs! Not a chance!

I know some great farmacy treatments!

Such as two great migraine headache relievers. A simple cup of Thyme tea without side effects and pleasant while being effective. Put a teaspoon or two of Thyme (spice) powder into a cup of boiling water or hot soy or rice or almond milk. Drink for headache relief.

Voila! Seasoning becomes a medicine.

Turmeric makes for great curry dishes but also relieves pain when taken as a tea. 1 Tablespoon of powdered turmeric in a cup of boiling water and a touch of locally harvested honey every two or three hours will control most pain.

Turmeric, Oregano and Basil, great seasonings, but also very nutritional. They are great nutrients that contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, antioxidants and more. Shall
the FDA remove those from our choices as well? All three and more can be grown in a window box, kitchen planter box or a garden. Your private "farmacy"!

Sorry to say that foods these days do not contain as many nutrients as our body requires and if we eat as much as we need to keep us nutrient rich we will be roly poly’s, which
by the way, seems to be a huge problem already!

How did we get to be such a fat nation?

Your question should be; why do our doctors not know this? Lack of education? Easier and more lucrative to medicate? Read

to determine your own answer to that question!

So as the FDA – cater to the pockets of the drug producing industry - continue their push to outlaw supplements while we work at getting educated on how to subvert their efforts. I can say that until they outlaw gardening in any form you have to be smart and learn
what you need to know in treating with minerals,

Educate yourself and take charge of your health! Need help check out

About the Author:

Author Lena Sanchez, a retired Medical Office Nurse and Medical Office Consultant, took charge of her life in 1992 found healthy drug-free alternatives and pain relief from a multitude of health issues. Now committed to helping others do the same by educating on actually treating illness and disease rather than masking symptoms. Writes and publishes
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