Good Quality Sleep And Your Wellness

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Do you sleep well during the night? A good sleep is a sign of your wellness. Good quality sleep is as important to your body as eating good food. Sleep relaxes your body and improves your overall health, efficiency at work and learning skills. After having a comfortable sleep at night your body feels relaxed the next morning thus enabling you to work well, think well, behave well and enjoy life more.

If you cannot sleep well during the night then it’s a serious matter which needs to be taken care of. Medical research has proven that lack of sleep can make you sick and even put you at the high risk of becoming a victim of some life threatening disease such as cancer, cardiovascular problem, high blood pressure, panic attacks, migraine, obesity, kidney failure, etc. Lack of sleep has also some adverse psychological effects that can badly disturb your family and professional life.

Develop good sleeping habits so that you live a healthy and more productive life. Unfortunately most people do not give importance to sleep and keep on wasting their time in doing unimportant things. Going to bed late at night without any genuine reason can cost you a lot in terms of your bad health.

If you are sick then you need a lot of rest and sleep so that your body recovers quickly and you are well again. Also, if you are going on long drive then take plenty of rest and sleep before taking your car out otherwise you can risk your life as well as the lives of other people.

I am giving below some tips so that you can have a good sleep at night, every night, throughout your life:

1. Make it a habit of eating a light dinner at least two hours before going to sleep every night.
2. Take no alcohol, carbonated or caffeinated drinks before sleep. Instead drink a cup of hot milk sweetened with honey.
3. Make sure that your bed mattress is comfortable (neither too hard nor too soft) and the pillow is soft and of medium size.
4. Wear comfortable loose cotton clothes at night.
5. Keep the room temperature at desired level with proper ventilation.
6. Instead of watching TV read some good book and listen to light music.
7. Switch off the lights and put your cell phone at silent mode.
8. Go on a slow walk for ten minutes or do light stretching for relaxing tense muscles.
9. Relax your mind by doing meditation and praying.
10. Lie down on the bed in a comfortable position.
11. Have a good night sleep.

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