Good Nutrition Leads to Good Health

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The health of my generation is much worse than the generation of my grandparents who were born during the First World War and lived through the great depression and the Second World War even though we have access to more food, more food variety, better medical care, fitness centers, and we know more about health and hygiene. Isn’t this Ironic? Shouldn’t we be healthier?

We know more about health and we have more of everything but we suffer from poor nutrition. You are what you eat. This is very true when it comes to health. Poor nutrition causes irritability, moodiness, and weight gain. It weakens the immune system, reduces the capability of the brain and can lead to several serious illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. The plague of our generation is poor nutrition. Poor nutrition is the primary cause of many of our health problems.

Most people don’t have the time to do the research or study a book on nutrition. They want simple and easy answers. I have done extensive reading on nutrition for years and the books, research papers, and statistics point to the same few basic principles. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to be healthy, just following these basic principles:

• Drink lots of water
• Drink plenty of juices
• Eat fruit and vegetables
• Include seafood in your diet
• Consume meat moderately
• Eat plenty of whole grains
• Avoid artificial food such as candies, chocolates, etc.
• Avoid artificial dyes
• Avoid carbonated and sweetened beverages
• Avoid junk food, fast food, processed foods
• Avoid consuming addictive products such as cigarettes and drugs

All of us know that we should drink lots of water. Our body needs water to perform many of its functions. Insufficient water severely stresses the body and its organs. Get in the habit of drinking water regularly. If your city draws water from a pristine natural source, install a filter and drink tap water. It would be healthier than bottled water. We traveling to exotic places, drink bottled water.

Drink plenty of fresh juices. Labels on juices available on the market are extremely deceptive. If you see the words “from concentrate” on the box or bottle, don’t buy the juice. You are only getting flavor and water. Also make sure that there is no sugar or sweetener added. Pure and healthy fresh juice has a short shelf life. The expiration date would not be next year.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. How can you tell whether a fruit or vegetable is fresh? Feel the texture, tap to hear the sound, and smell the fruit. Each fruit is different but you would get a hang of it once you make purchases a few times. Unfortunately it is not illegal to color or wax a fresh food product in North America. This reduces your ability to distinguish a fresh fruit from others. In addition, the wax traps pesticides; you cannot wash the pesticide away. You must peel a waxed apple or pear and throw away the peel. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain folate, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

Seafood contains proteins, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which are essential and very beneficial for us.

It is difficult to understand the labels and ingredients on various products on the shelf. Knowing and understanding all of them take time and dedication. To simplify, following is a list of items that should raise a red flag (meaning avoid consuming products which contain them):

• Synthetic colors also known as artificial colors or food dyes
• Synthetic flavors
• Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, corn syrup, sucralose and saccharin:
• Preservatives such as BHA and BHT
• Beverages containing artificial sweeteners
• Sodium benzoate

According to FDA, the artificial colors Blue 1, Blue 3, Green 3, Orange 8, Red 3, Red 40, Yellow 5 ad Yellow 6 cause hyperactivity among kids.

BHA, corn syrup, potassium bromate, saccharin, sodium nitrate, and sodium nitrite have been linked (statistical evidence) to cancer. While it is difficult to scientifically establish that they cause cancer, the link should convince you to avoid them.

Why does our government allow food companies to add these dangerous or unhealthy chemicals in food? These substances have only been linked to various diseases often by statistical studies or experiments on mice. There is no scientific evidence which shows exactly HOW a substance causes cancer or obesity in humans. We have known for years that tobacco is addictive because we saw people getting addicted to cigarettes. Yet this evidence wasn’t strong enough to sue tobacco companies for health damage. It was scientifically proven that cigarettes are addictive in the late nineties after spending millions of dollars in research for decades.

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other nasty diseases are on the rise. We can avoid these diseases by changing our eating habits. Eating healthy is easy. Good nutrition would make you healthier, more productive, save you from life threatening diseases, and you would find yourself in a better mood more often.

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nice post, I like this A LOT.

nice post, I like this A LOT. .