Foods To Eat When Pregnant For A Proper Pregnancy Diet

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Knowing what foods to eat when pregnant, and applying what you know, can help you feel better during your pregnancy as it provides you with the energy required to carry on with your daily activities as your baby develops inside you. It also provides your baby with all the nutrients required to grow and develop normally to full term. We realize that it is not that easy to keep a balanced diet when you are craving strange meals or suffering from severe morning sickness. However, with a little extra effort to maintain a healthy pregnancy diet, we are confident that both you and your precious baby will be rewarded with great health.

One of the most common pregnancy myths is the myth that you are required to eat for two. So this means that if your normal diet consists of 2000 calories, you'll need to consume 4000 calories when you are pregnant. Here is some good news for you: This is absolutely wrong. All the calories your baby needs in the first trimester are 100, and 300 in the second and third trimesters. An extra snack of a cup of yogurt and a piece of fruit can do just fine.

You have to know that being pregnant does not mean you have to give up all the foods you like, but you do have to make smarter choices. For example, you can substitute potato chips with homemade baked potatoes, and replace soda drinks with fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Potato chips and soda drinks are just empty calories and they do not give your baby the nutrients he needs to grow in a healthy way. In
fact some irresponsible food choices could lead to miscarriage.

So what are the kinds of foods to eat when pregnant? First, you have to know what nutrients your body and your fetus need in order for you to choose what is considered a healthy pregnancy diet.

Start off with choosing foods that are rich in iron. Iron is essential for the production of more blood, which in turn helps prevent anemia. You can find iron in green leafy vegetables like spinach, whole grain bread and some kinds of cereals, all constituents of a healthy pregnancy diet.

Another very important nutrient is protein. Protein aids with cell wall development of all the main organs including the heart and lungs, so 3 servings of foods rich in protein are required. Examples of foods rich in protein are meat, fish, poultry, cereals, tofu and beans.

Calcium is crucial for the development of your baby's teeth and bones. It is also essential for the mother because it is known that during pregnancy the mother's bones and teeth can become weaker. An average intake of 1200 mg of calcium is recommended, and foods to eat when pregnant that contain calcium include milk, yogurt and cheeses (try to avoid soft cheeses).

There are some other vitamins and minerals that should be provided during pregnancy including vitamin D and folic acid (folate), but these kinds of vitamins are prescribed in supplements by your doctor as part of your healthy pregnancy diet.

All mothers worry about the health of their baby's. They always want what is best for them, and good health is mainly accomplished through knowing what are the best foods to eat when pregnant, because that is where the baby's health is determined.

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