Exercise To Stay Fit And Healthy

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Do you ever feel that every day that passes feels longer, you feel more tired and all you want to do is sleep? Your cure could just be something you surely try to avoid, I am talking about exercise. If your eyes almost popped out as you are reading this, don't be scared, exercise doesn't have to be so dreadful, on the contrary! The more you exercise, the healthier you become and it can even be fun.

The gym can always be the first alternative along with a daily 20 minute walk or jogging, which is all the time you really need to conquer being fit and healthy. The gym can be considered a fad of the moment, but it is a place where you can find different alternatives to meeting the new you. If shopping is a motivation, try buying cute workout outfits and sneakers to show off to your new friends in your Pilates, Spinning, Yoga or Kickboxing class; this are just some of the fun classes almost every gym has to offer. If you are thinking to yourself that you have a busy schedule and could never make it to the gym? Try buying a home video, do it alone or let your partner, roommate or children either join you or make fun of you, either one will sure be fun.

Imagine yourself getting to work in the morning and there are too many people waiting for the elevator, if you take the stairs instead, you have just taken the big step. Did you get 5 minutes later to the office than the usual? What if I tell you those 5 minutes running up the stairs can make you burn up to 140 calories? Believe me; everyone in your office would also want to be late! I could keep on going with numerous everyday practices that can easily make you burn calories without even noticing, only by doing small sacrifices, like washing your car at home,
raking the leaves, or just playing with your pets or kids.

You know how some people say "No pain, no gain"? Don't believe this if you are aiming for a healthier lifestyle. You have to listen to your body, if you feel pain during or after working out, something might be wrong, you can either be injured or you are over demanding yourself to reach a point you can't at the moment. You have to always feel comfortable to feel healthy, remember exercise is for your own benefit and well being.

Wanting an improvement in your health, your physical image and the desire to avoid stress are the main reasons that should move you up your feet to start exercising and obtaining your goal of being fit and healthy on the inside as well as on the outside. Don't forget a complete workout should always be hand in hand with a well balanced healthy diet and drinking loads of water. It is important to go outside, walk, hop, feel the sun and enjoy the beauty of your days or nights. In other words, don't be a couch potato, 20 minutes every day can change your life.

About the Author:

Chris McCombs is an Orange County personal fitness trainer. You can learn more about Chris and his team through his website at http://www.socalworkout.com

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