Consume Vegetables For Osteoporosis Prevention

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Osteoporosis threatens 25 million Americans, mostly older women, but older men get it too. And more teenagers and young people are showing up with it. These numbers are predicted to rise as the population ages.

These numbers don’t mean much unless Osteoporosis hits your own family. It has mine. My 70 year old father has it and my brother’s stepdaughter has it at age 19!

Now days everyone, including teenagers, need educated that Osteoporosis is a very real danger. They need to know the importance of eating vegetables and fruits.

Minerals are needed for prevention of Osteoporosis. Minerals and co factors are the building blocks for building healthy bones.

Sub-optimum nutrition is the rule for most people, not the exception. This is often because of eating a diet that is high in calories, but not high in nutrition. Many people today in the U.S. do not eat many vegetables or fruits. They are on the go and eat fast food, and food that has all ready been prepared in packages and cans.

Nutrition needs to be emphasized now more than ever. Our food is often missing the amount of nutrition that it had even 100 years ago. Our soil has become depleted.

Where to start in getting these minerals? A good source of minerals are yellow and green leafy vegetables, especially the dark leafy ones.

7 to 9 servings of vegetables and fruit daily are now suggested to prevent illness and build health. What has your intake been this last week? Most of us could work on this.

I know that this can be difficult to get in that many servings. So I suggest that you begin making a fresh vegetable juice each morning to make sure that you get in more vegetables. Juicers can be bought at the health food store or ordered online.

You can also purchase books with recipes of different vegetable combination suggestions. This keeps things from getting monotonous and it is best not to eat (drink) the same thing day after day.

Continue to do this and you will see a big difference ­ your energy and stamina will come up. Your skin and hair will get a healthy glow. People will ask you what you are doing because you look better. And you will thank yourself in later years because you thought to provide yourself with the nutrition that builds strong bones and a healthy body.

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For Osteoporosis Prevention..

Miss Madelle, a Garland Chiropractor also advised me to take much vegetables to prevent further bone(especially the spinal column) problems. I'm currently undergoing chiropractic treatment. Miss Madelle, told me to be more healthy and eat more organic foods 'cause it will help me a lot and the treatment's outcome.