Body Detox Methods

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Having a cleaner and healthier body sure does give a person more opportunities for a longer and better life. Through a full body detox, a person is subjected to the elimination of the harmful toxic substances one can get from various foods, drinks, skin care products, and pollution. The kidneys, the liver, intestines, lymph, lungs and skin are the places in the body where the detoxification occurs. Through detoxification, most of the toxins that are stored in body fats are also removed.

As the popularity of detoxification grew, various methods were discovered for a full body detox. Some can have a body detox diet following a body detox recipe in line with rigorous exercise to those who want to do it the cheaper way or a body detox wrap.

Here are the types of body detox programs you can try:

Juice Fasting

By the word juice itself, this kind of fasting refers to the drinking of vegetable and fruit juices to help in the detoxification process. Here, it is important to remove certain food in your diet such as red meat. Actually, in juice fasting, you should not eat any solid food, most especially cooked ones and animal products. Juice fasting results to a dramatic loss of body fat that eventually leads to an increase in metabolism and a
better digestion, where the absorption of nutrients will improve unquestionably.

Herbal Detox

This kind of body detox program comes in the form of powders, pills or tea. Because of the vast selection of herbs found everywhere, you may pick the wrong type of herb for the organ you want to detoxify that would lead to side effects. That is why, there are specific types of herbs that are helpful for particular body part. For example, the Dandelion root and birch leaves are good for the cleansing of the liver, while cayenne, sage and ginger are used to cleanse the kidneys.

Detox Bath and Sauna

When you sweat, you are already shedding off those harmful toxins in your body. That is why exercise or physical activity is essential in living a healthy life. But if you're not up to jogging or lifting those barbells, then you can try a detox bath or a sauna. In a detox bath, you should soak yourself in water with baking soda or sea salt. You soak for 15-20 minutes and scrub your skin gently with natural soap and a natural fiber cloth. The darkness of the water indicates you are eliminating the toxins from your body.

Bowel Cleansing

Eating high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, high-fiber cereals or having a gentle natural laxative are ways to cleanse your bowel. In addition, if you practice to eat raw fruits and vegetables you are accumulating enzymes that are potent and multipurpose detoxifiers, not to mention, vitamins that naturally have antioxidants in them.


Yogurt is the best source of what they call the "good bacteria". If you want to detoxify, then you should look for yogurts that have the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus and the Bifido bacteria. These will defend your body from the unhealthy bacteria, eliminate toxic chemicals and still provide nutrients.

Body Wrap Detox

Sea clay is used in a body wrap detox. The sea clay compresses the soft tissues of the skin when it enters your pores until it reaches the toxins that are found in the skin. As this happens, the repositioning of the body fats' cells also occurs, which consequently helps in the elimination of the toxins.

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