Best Remedies For Arthritis

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Arthritis has been a serious medical condition most people from across the globe. The disease turns ugly when people it really difficult to been the pain and inflammation that occurs in the joints. This also tends to interrupt in daily activities.

Most common among is disease by persons in the age from 40 to years. Not only males but also females may be affected on the basis.

Fortunately there are many effective treatments available for, these days. You would find all types of treatment such as natural remedies, massages, over-the-counter, prescription medicines and surgery.

Here is a description on the kind of medical treatments for arthritis widely all around the world:

a) Natural remedies:

Natural remedies have gained immense popularity among people, days. There are several reasons behind this. First wide of these remedies and the fact that these don't in side effects. Natural remedies are highly effective.

Here are some of the most preferred natural remedies for:

- Ginger: It is rich in gingerols and extremely effective in inflammation.

- Cinnamon: It is anti-inflammatory and work towards inhibiting release of inflammatory acids.

- Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables: These are rich in facilitate reducing inflammation.

-Olive oil: Extra virgin oil act as an anti-inflammatory drug provide a good effect in case of heart disease.

b) Over-the-counter products:

Over-the-counter medicines are widely available in drug stores. Almost all these medicines claim to provide good and sometimes relief from painful symptoms of arthritis. Here are some the common non prescription medicines you can go for.

- Ibuprofen: These reduce pain and inflammation.

- Acetaminophen: It is a great and one of the most effective relievers.

- Glucosamine and Chondroitin: These are components derived natural joint cartilage. These are effective in alleviating pain.

c) Prescription medications:

You can get these only on the prescription and consultation of health care practitioner. These medications are more and work really well as a long term treatment of all types of arthritis. Here are some of the most common medicines advised for patients of arthritis.

- Vioxx or Rofecoxib

- Celebrex or Celecoxib

- Bextra or Valdecoxib

All the above mentioned medicines are categorized as COX-2. These work towards blocking an enzyme that can in an inflammatory response. Other types of prescription include Biological Response Modifiers, Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs or DMARDs and Corticosteroids.

d) Natural therapies

There are also several natural therapies available for treating. These are quite different from natural medication. These work towards curing the disease with natural methods such hot and cold suppression, joint protection, massage, weight and exercise programs.

e) Medical related methods

These are very effective when it comes to providing relief from symptoms. There are several medical related methods as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS and surgery. Surgery is usually considered to be the last option in the cases of arthritis.

Treatment for arthritis is possible. You need to look for the symptoms and then rush for medical help.

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