Bacterial Benefits of Yogurt

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Yogurt has been around for ages and is enjoyed by millions of people on a daily basis. Many simple love the taste of yogurt and enjoy it as a tasty snack while others eat it for the health benefits. Let me first explain the spelling of yogurt. The British spelling of yogurt is spelled yoghurt. This spelling is argued to be way out dated and should adapt to the production standards of yogurt. The American spelling is yogurt and is the most common way to see it spelled. Now that the spelling of yogurt is cleared up, let’s say we talk about the health benefits that yogurt has to offer.

When yogurt first became popular many saw yogurt eaters as being “health conscious” but through the years that changed. Not only is yogurt quite tasty and comes in different varieties, but it is a great snack with health benefits. Yogurt is fermented milk that is rather high in protein. Yogurt is also high in calcium which helps keep your bones strong. Eating yogurt on a regular basis will boost your immune system and help prevent you from getting a cold. There is also some suggestive research that shows eating yogurt daily may even help fight off cancer. Not only is yogurt great for your immune system and bones, but it also promotes colon health. Many people that have diarrhea say eating yogurt will cure that problem. Also, females that experience yeast infections say eating yogurt regularly will prevent them from happening. Yogurt seems to do a lot for the human body which is why we must include it in our diet. I have never been a fan of yogurt because I found out it was a type of bacteria. This idea of eating bacteria turned me off to eating yogurt because it sounded rather disgusting. After a little research I discovered that the bacteria in yogurt is good bacteria and helps with a lot of digestion problems as well as the others mentioned above. I now find myself eating yogurt almost daily and have noticed a tremendous difference in how my body functions. Yogurt makes me feel better in my stomach region as well as keeping me from every getting a cold. There are different types of yogurts that can give you various health benefits.

One very popular brand of yogurt that I eat is Activia by Dannon. This very popular brand is not the cheapest brand of yogurt but for the price you get a variety of active ingredients. Activia is amazing for getting your digestive system back on track. A busy lifestyle may cause you to eat meals on an irregular basis. This in turn will cause your digestive system to function off balance. Most people that eat meals at the same times every day may experience bowel movements around the same times daily. Activia will “help naturally regulate your digestive system when eaten daily for two weeks.” After two weeks of eating this I guarantee you will notice a difference in how your digestive system is regulated. Any other yogurt will help you get on the right track but be sure to concentrate on nutrition labels and what the yogurt contains. Some yogurts that contain jam-like fruit may add more calories that you do not need and add little to no additional nutrients. Also be sure to note the amount of calories your yogurt may contain. If you love yogurt and tend to eat more than one serving consider trying low fat yogurt. Low-fat yogurt still contains the same ingredients to help regulate your digestive system better but is less in calories. Whatever type of yogurt you decide to go with, frozen or not, be sure to eat it at least once a day for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Random Facts About Yogurt

- Yogurt can be made from any mammal that produces milk

- Yogurt has been around for thousands of years but became more mainstream in the U.S. in the 1930’s

- Yogurt comes in regular, low-fat, soy, frozen, spoon free, drinkable, and with toppings

- Yogurt is used as a salad dressing and eaten with vegetables in Mediterranean countries

- Yogurt is shown to prevent irritable bowel syndrome, reduce bloating, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and

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