Arthritis Pain Relief: 5 Ways to Feeling Better

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Part of dealing with arthritis means taking care of your self. Treating your body with loving care and attention can not only bring about arthritis pain relief, it can give you an overall health boost. It is likely that when you are diagnosed with arthritis, your condition can make you depressed. Here are three ways to increase your sense of well-being:

One excellent way for arthritis pain relief is to have regular massage therapy. Massage can greatly help reduce the muscle and joint tension that most arthritis patients have to deal with. A professional masseuse can provide substantial relief from muscle tension and joint pain. Massage also helps you feel rejuvenated especially if you have been suffering from chronic fatigue. Going for regular massages helps to relieve the stress and anxiety that often accompany arthritis.

Another easy way for arthritis pain relief is to take regular warm baths. Soaking in a warm bath is a very popular method for treating the symptoms of arthritis. The warm water relaxes you and helps to relieve pain and tension. Having a nice warm bath before you sleep is highly recommended for a night of good rest.

Other that warm baths, heat therapies also include heated pool or whirlpool, warm compresses or heat packs. Many clubs offer heated pools or whirlpools for relaxation. If you are a member, make use of the opportunity to go and relax yourself. Warm compresses or heat packs are easily available in many health stores. You can use them conveniently at home.

Conversely, cold therapies have also been shown to be effective for arthritis pain relief. Cold therapy consists of applying cold to areas of inflammation and pain. Either use a cold pack or wrapping ice with a towel on the affected areas. You can also use the bag of frozen veggies lying in your freezer on the area that you feel pain.

Lastly, you can keep a therapy journal. There are many positive benefits to writing a journal. In fact, many researchers point to the therapeutic aspects of this meditative practice. Journal writing can help keep you connected to your emotions. Also, keeping a journal can help you keep track of what arthritis treatment works and what does not. You can record your reaction to certain therapies, and learn more about how your body reacts to certain activities or medicines. Nowadays, it is easy to keep a journal through using a blog and sharing about your experiences with the world.

Sandra Kim Leong writes on rheumatoid arthritis. Her interest has been stemmed from observing this condition in the elderly. For more information and resources,please visit this site

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