Anti Aging Research - The Discoveries You Must Know!

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The world of anti aging research is rich with new discoveries. It is important to keep track of updates on anti aging research to discern the media's hype from factual, scientific discoveries. The media, with its marketing strategies, are only too quick to add tag words and catch phrases to their latest products. These might look good enough and credible from the surface, but elixir-like promises on the labels are more likely to be fluff than factual.

The only way to know more about anti aging research is to look for sources of information that you can trust. There are organizations of credible dermatologists who carry out anti aging research which are more focused on health that aesthetics. Anti aging research will also help you choose beauty products which are affordable but well made.

Surgical anti aging technologies

Although surgical anti aging techniques may give you more "instant" results compared to prolonged intake of dietary
supplements and continued use of topical creams, these cost an arm and a leg-literally. There are known cosmetic surgeons who can probably perform cutting edge wonders to your face and body, but these surgeries are far from risk-free. Aside from costing more than your lifetime's worth of good lipstick, cosmetic surgery may cause complications later on. Their results are also short lived if not maintained well with a healthy lifestyle.

Studies have also shown that surgically enhanced skin don't really age as well as naturally healthy skin. It's not really nice to look at someone who seems to be half-made with wax from all the alterations done to his/her face. It's still better to look for more reasonably priced and safer ways to counter the bad signs of aging.

Dietary supplements

Among the most recommended anti aging products by medical doctors are dietary supplements. Compared to hormonal drugs and injections, dietary supplements like antioxidants are harmless vitamins and nutrients which are geared towards letting the body function more efficiently. When taken in moderation, and when teamed up with a well-rounded healthy lifestyle, dietary supplements could do wonders in making your body looking and feeling younger.

These are not instantaneous solutions to aging, but their long term effects may let you enjoy life for a long time. This anti aging discovery is not entirely new, since the concept of diet supplements have been around for years. It is only now, though, that their benefits are more inclined towards beauty and being youthful, than keeping the body's immune system healthier.

Topical Creams

Keeping the body healthy from the outside is also an important factor in keeping it younger-looking and healthy. As we age, the elasticity and porosity of our bodies change. Frequent exposure to UV rays and different weather conditions cause it to dry up and age prematurely.

Topical creams are geared on hydrating the skin so it can repair damaged cells. Because of the skin's nerve endings, individuals with burnt or dried skin are also constantly in pain. Topical creams and solutions help ease these painful effects, and keep the sun's harmful UV rays from creating too much damage.

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