Allergy Treatment - Common Allergy Triggers To Avoid

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An allergy is a harmful reaction to something and the resulting symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable. If you are someone whose body has reacted to food, air-borne particles, or chemicals you know the discomfort this causes. However, before resorting to an allergy treatment it is important to consider the following points:

Firstly, consider what it is that triggers your allergic reaction. The most complete allergy treatment is to stay away from the trigger. For example, are you allergic to particles of dust in the air? Then this could be a good reason to buy that new vacuum cleaner that eliminates dust bags. Or less expensive allergy treatment is to give someone else the responsibility of vacuuming and emptying the cleaner.

For those with reactions to airborne allergens clean your environment frequently. During this time, it is impossible to completely get rid of all dust particles as an allergy treatment. Still, you can reduce the amount of allergens during a cleaning job by putting on protective gear, such as a mask. This is a simple treatment for your allergy with benefits that outweigh the less-than-appealing look.

However, there are those allergy reactions that are more than just uncomfortable; they are death threatening. We are talking about severe food allergies that need total avoidance as an allergy cure. Foods such as peanuts and eggs mean that people must also avoid any food that might contain even tiny traces of them. If a mistake occurs, hospital is the next best allergy treatment.

Of course, not ever allergy reaction is severe. Mild symptoms can be taken care of with the purchase of over-the-counter allergy treatments from the pharmacy. These are not a cure but are successful at controlling the allergy symptoms. Your doctor can prescribe the best medication for you, and some are even available as a cure for your allergy, without a visit to the doctor. One of these common medications is Benadryl. Be careful though, it can cause drowsiness and may therefore affect your work and driving capabilities. It is not a long term allergy treatment, only to be taken for a few days at a time.

Do you take an allergy treatment of avoidance or medication? It is up to you. Now that you know there are side effects to medication you may decide that the reactions of itchy eyes and runny nose are safer than feeling sleepy. Whatever you do, follow directions carefully if using medication for managing your allergies.


Every one of us suffers from allergy at some point or the other. The important thing to note is to identify the cause behind your allergy and avoid it. A mask would do well for those with frequent allergic reactions. Some reactions can be life-threatening as well. At such times the hospital is the best option.

Brooke Hayles
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