3 Tips You Can Use Today to Stop Panic Attacks

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For people that have to deal with the constant struggle that approaches them with stress-induced panic, life can seem to be difficult. The world doesn’t stop for you to figure out what is going on, or whether or not you’re ok, but there are things that you can do to level the playing field. What most people don’t know about how to stop panic attacks is that it’s relatively easy. Yes, it’s not hard to understand once you realize that some simple movements and ideas can push you over to the right side and calm nerves. Nervousness, elevated heart rate, heavy breathing, anxiety, and more can cause serious problems on a regular basis, and it shouldn’t be something that cripples life. Consider the following 3 tips that can help you overcome any
sort of attack on the nervous system, and change your world view forever.

•Breathe Slowly – The first thing that you need to know is that shortness of breath will hit you hard at first. This will hinder you from making full breaths, but you’ll have to fight hard for it. When something seems to be overwhelming you, stop for a moment and close your eyes, once closed, start to breathe slowly. Breathe deeply, and do not allow your circumstances to take over your mind. Simply breathe, and hold it in, then in a few seconds let it out. This will take some practice, but it will push you forward with relative ease, if you just calmly take a moment to breathe.

•Assess Situations – When life comes at you hard and fast, consider taking a moment to assess what’s going on around you. Stop walking, and simply step aside in a hallway or office, and if possible go outside for a short amount of time. Assess your surroundings and take a moment to make sure that whatever is
ailing you doesn’t become a mountain but rather a small bump in the road. If you have a problem, and you’re at work or in an office where there’s a lot of people, ask to be excused for a moment, and collect your thoughts and do not let panic overwhelm you.

•Positive Affirmation – One thing that seems to work for many people is to go to the restroom or anywhere there is a mirror and repeat positive affirmations out loud. Simply telling ones self that they are important, special, and worth living for, can push the momentum into a positive area in life.

The above 3 tips can stop panic attacks in their tracks. Before you even feel the first symptom, you can be equipped to fight and win. No one has to live their lives uncomfortably, which is why the above tips can help anyone move ahead of the curve. Don’t allow yourself to lose sight, make sure that you are trying out the above and any other tips that you might know to stop panic, worry, and anxiety from taking charge. Never before has the general public had so much information fighting the good fight, so don’t lose hope, you can get control easily.

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