14 Causes of Constipation

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Most people are aware that not eating enough “fiber-rich” foods and not drinking enough liquids can cause constipation. But let’s talk about some other things. The truth is that most health seekers do eat enough fiber and do drink water but STILL tend to be constipated! Why? I’m going to mention several things here that you may not have thought of and even if one of them relates to you then you have moved closer to solving your problem.

Can Constipation Start From Birth?

Were you a colicky baby? Colic is in itself not a digestive disorder, but the parent’s reaction can then CREATE a digestive disorder. For example, if you were crying for three hours at a time, with no apparent reason, then it is likely that you were given a TEETHING BISCUIT made of WHEAT to “shut that kid up!” No child should be given wheat until they are two years old! But now, at three months old, you’ve been soothed by the tasty cracker and stopped crying but you the road is paved for a LIFETIME OF DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS AND SUFFERING as the mucoid plaque is being created in your sensitive system to protect your delicate infant intestines from the acidic residue of the wheat.
Maybe there was cow’s milk diary butter in this biscuit? This is could also have aggravated the problem in a similar way.

Can Constipation Start if You Were A Sensitive Infant?

This sounds very strange, but I know this scenario happens every day. Here you are an infant and you don’t understand words, but you are sensitive to feelings and emotions. Your parents just changed your diaper and then they hear that you go poop AFTER they just changed your diaper. They groan that they have to change it again and just maybe you’re actually aware that you “disappointed” them! So in your infant way, you learn to “hold in” your poop to “please” them. Later when you’re an adult, you’re still suffering from this old response.

Can Dehydration as a Toddler Cause Constipation?

Many parents try to prevent bedwetting in their newly potty-trained toddler by restricting liquids before bedtime. This can be taken to extreme so that the food just eaten for dinner may not have sufficient moisture to assist with the natural progression within the small intestine. The result is a sticky glue that, night after night, is being deposited along the walls of the small intestine. Yes, no bedwetting but a lifetime of chronic constipation has been initiated. The parents proudly boast to their friends: “Our son never wets his bed,” unaware of
the damage that is being done.

Do Modern “Civilized” Toilets Cause Constipation?

A one year old wearing diapers naturally squats in order to have a bowel movement. This is actually instinctive and ideal because the connection between the rectum and the end of the large intestine is bent, as nature’s “valve” to prevent accidents. When you squat, this bend becomes straight and allows for the most complete evacuation. Modern toilets do not allow for the squat position and, over time, we develop a habit of having an incomplete evacuation, which leads to a permanent state of constipation. (Is it any wonder that in Japan, where the toilet is a basin below floor level, requiring that you squat, has the lowest incidence of colon cancer in the civilized world?)

Can Mucoid Plaque Causes Constipation?

If you have a layer of hardened mucoid waste lining your intestines, then it stands to reason that normal peristalsis is hampered. But what causes the mucoid plaque in the first place? This is your body’s natural protection against foods that may have created a strong acidic reaction or an allergic reaction and this thick, sticky mucous protects the intestines from damage. The problem is that if it happens on occasion, it will not stay, but if the offending food continues over time, the plaque just builds up. Think back to your childhood. Did you have a constant mucous condition draining from your sinuses? Did you constantly swallow this heavy mucous, for years as a child? Where do you
think this mucous went? Another reason that the mucoid plaque can start forming is nature’s way of protecting you from something that you may have swallowed that is now stuck in your intestinal tract. For example, if you swallowed a coin like a penny or a dime when you were a child, your body would encapsulate this foreign object to “protect” you from it. Unfortunately, this starts a life-long chain of events that can lead to so many problems. The good news is that on a good cleansing program, these objects will be pulled out, along with the mucoid waste!

Can You Become Constipated by Not Heeding the Call?

Many times there is no physiological reason for a person to become constipated, but they still develop the condition due to neglect. Remember as a child that you really had to go but you didn’t. How often did this type of thing occur? Some kids are prone to this, usually the ones who are very intelligent and who are focused on an activity and don’t want to stop doing what they’re doing to go to the bathroom.

Can Antibiotics Cause Constipation?

When you take antibiotics it succeeds in killing all the bacteria in your body. The problem is that there was some beneficial bacteria in your gut that you need to digest food and to also help kill off some of the bad bacteria. When you kill off the good bacteria, you are at risk for a return of the bad bacteria because you have less of a defense in place. Also, there is a certain “aeration” that takes place in your intestines caused by the good bacteria which helps move things along. When you don’t have this good bacteria, things tend to become sticky. The first
thing out of the woman’s breast is colostrum, which has this beneficial bacteria to coat the infant’s intestines. If the infant was not breast fed or if the person has taken antibiotics, this good bacteria has been wiped out. What can you do? You can go to the health food store and get “probiotics.” It used to be called “acidophilous” but now the high tech preparations include not just acidophilous but many other strains of the beneficial bacteria, including acidophilous.

Can Cigarette Smoke Cause Constipation?

Very often, smokers themselves have NO PROBLEM with their bowels. But often the people around them are the ones whose constitution
may be very sensitive are seriously affected. If your mother smoked when you were in the womb and you are a sensitive type, or if your father smoked around her when she was pregnant, this gets into your blood as an infant. Some people have a nervous “stress” reaction to this and because the colon is very connected to the central nervous system, “spastic colon” can be created before you are even born!

Are “Type A” Personalities More Inclined Towards Constipation?

Certain personalities are prone to stress which literally creates more of an acid condition in the body. This has all sorts of physiological results, including constipation.

Does Holding Onto dark Emotions Cause Constipation?

Anger, rage, depression, fear, sadness. Where do you feel these emotions in your body? Probably in your gut. Don’t fool yourself. There IS a connection between the mind and the body. Blocked emotional energy can manifest as blocked physical energy (constipation, in this case.)

Does Walking Lightly on Your Feet Causes Constipation?

Are you a “careful walker?” Do you walk quietly? The souls of our feet are connected to nerves that stimulate our intestinal tract. If we walk “on eggshells” we develop a habit of NOT stimulating this natural area. Also, the emotional anxiety of walking quietly itself causes constipation as it mirrors a “holding in” of sound, which will inadvertently manifest a holding in of the bowel matter!

Do Parasites Cause Constipation?

Supposedly 80% of the population now have parasites in their system. When we have parasites embedded in our gut, it can cause constipation in many ways. 1) First of all, peristalsis, or the natural muscular movement of the intestines that pushes things along can be restricted when you have various entities attached to the inner lining of your intestinal wall. 2) Then, the waste products of these parasites is toxic to the system, so more mucous is created to protect you from absorbing these toxins. But this is in such a constant state of activity that this mucous becomes thickened “mucoid plaque” which becomes permanently adhered to the inside of your intestines. This state FURTHER limits the peristalsis and adds to the experience of constipation. 3) Then there is the reality of the parasites of physically blocking the tubing of the intestines themselves, which can contribute to the experience of constipation. 4) Then there is the issue of certain malnutrition that begins due to these creatures parasitic nature. This means certain vitamins and minerals are not being absorbed into the system which are necessary for normal peristalsis to occur.

Can Being Self-Conscious About Stomach Noises Cause Constipation?

Some people have loud sounds coming from their stomach and intestinal tract. At some point, this can become embarrassing and, almost like biofeedback, we do indeed have the ability to “make it stop.” So this person makes the sounds stop with their mind. But what have they actually done? Have they curtailed the natural peristalsis from happening?

Can Society Cause Constipation?

Yes, we are obligated to hold in our farts when we are in public or to not heed the call when we are in a business meeting. This seriously damages the nerves in our colon and rectum until they shut down. We have to learn to be a little less polite and to excuse ourselves when we need to.

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