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Bluebird Of Happiness

A sign in a pet store read, "If anybody has seen the Bluebird of Happiness, would you please notify this pet store?"

7 Things Happy People Have In Common

Ever notice how some people just seem to be able to be content and bounce back no matter what the circumstances? Research shows that this isn't a gift
or a talent - it's, a skill that they have developed. Surprised? Well, the real surprise is that you too can put to work their techniques and make your life
happier too.

1. Happy people cooperate with life.

What Is Important To Life And Happiness

Often our view on what is important in life changes when our situation becomes different. Money comes more into focus when our job security is threatened. We are reminded of the importance of good health when we hear that someone we know has become seriously unwell.

Let's look at the things in life that are important:

Where To Find Happy People!

Happy people are found taking their children or grandchildren to the park. You’ll see them pushing the kids on the swings, and kicking a football back and forward.

You’ll find happy people with their family, preparing a picnic lunch by the lake, and throwing bread to the ducks and geese.

You’ll see happy people every day working in their garden, enjoying the satisfaction of creating a miracle of colour and fragrance.

Have You Ever Tasted The Fruit Of Pure Happiness?

Have you ever been really happy? Have you ever tasted the fruit of pure happiness? Have you ever completed a task with that feeling of YES! I gave it my all. I’m really happy and proud with what I’ve done. Have you ever had that inner glow and outer radiation?

But was it happiness?

Live With a Purpose

What is the purpose of your life? Working, eating and sleeping is no life. There must be some good purpose and some noble cause of your living.

What do you want to do for yourself and for others? What do you want to achieve in your life? What do you want to tell others and to yourself? Why you are here in this world? Get up, open your eyes, look straight in the mirror and tell to yourself the real purpose of your own life, loudly and clearly.

5 Ways To Get More Abundance In Life

There is an abundance of all the good in life and this abundance is absolutely fairly distributed. You can become involved in the abundance whenever you want. It lays straight in front of your feet just for you to take your share of it. If you don´t feel yourself being involved in the abundance it is only your limited understanding that makes this so.

Simply Happy!

The purpose of life is to be happy - so says the Dalai Lama. Jesus Christ said something similar when he said that he came so that 'you might have life and have it to the full'. Unfortunately, however, having worked in the field of personal development for more than fourteen years, I have come to the conclusion that most people aren't really quite sure what happiness actually means. And, perhaps, happiness has been confused with self gratification or pleasure. So what does happiness actually mean?

Top 10 Reasons You're Not As Happy As You Could Be

The true happiness you seek is within you. Happiness is a state of mind. What makes one person happy might not do anything for the person across the room. If two people were handed the same amount of money one of them would be delighted and the other one would think to themselves,
"That's not enough."

Happiness is different for every person. But the reasons they are or are not happy are the same. It's up to you to decide to be happy and the 10 reasons below will help you to be happier.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Aristotle famously determined, "Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." Though most Americans would not dispute this dictate evidence suggests Americans believe the most typical and direct route to happiness is by way of money. Many have come to believe money can buy happiness.

In a literal sense money cannot buy happiness, as happiness is a feeling. Happiness is a state or condition of
contentment or satisfaction, jubilation or joy. Happiness ultimately is an internal sensation, a state of being.

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