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Prescription For Peace

Many years ago, Dr. A. J. Cronin occasionally prescribed an unusual treatment for some of his patients who were feeling “blue,” “down,” orgenerally blah. He would insist that for six weeks the patient say, “Thank you” for every kindness and keep a record of it. According to Dr. Cronin, he had a remarkable cure rate.

In Search of Happiness

When I was young I had a totally different concept of happiness. I used to think that:

- Money is happiness. The more money you have the more happy you would be.

- Happiness is in wearing expensive branded clothes

- Happiness is in driving latest model cars

- Happiness is in dancing, drinking and dining out

- Happiness is in living a luxurious life

- Happiness is in watching movies and TV shows

- Happiness is in breaking laws for fun, etc.

Happiness - The Gardening of the Soul

"Happiness actions" are the physical and mental actions that naturally and automatically create a sense of well-being in us. They work because there is a certain something within us—our internal wiring—that responds to these actions. Although there is some variation between people, many happiness actions are shared with just about everyone.

For example, most people will feel good after doing physical exercise. Likewise, the mental activity of learning a new skill can be tremendously gratifying.

It's All About A Journey...


"It's not the destination. It's the journey." I'm sure you have heard something like that before.

Be it "destination" or "journey", I have learned something along the way: happiness is more of a choice than I first realized.

In the past I tended to think happiness would naturally follow if I...

Attained a certain set of goals.
Or succeeded at certain things.

And I'll admit, I often experienced a measure of happiness as a goal was accomplished or I succeeded at something that was important to me.

One Key to Happiness

What is happiness?

I remember many different times in my life when I have tried to answer that question--both for myself and for the people I have worked with in seminars and workshops.

It's not a simple question to answer.

After all, what makes one person happy may not make another. What makes you happy today may not be the thing that makes you happy tomorrow.

Your Best Possible Life

How do you define happiness? Is it a beach cabin in Hawaii? Is it having freedom to do what you want to do? Is it having a good relationship with a special someone?

Happiness is indeed an individual definition. For our purposes, let's agree that it would mean a life that's working and comfortable in several different areas: Time, Environment, Work, Thoughts, and Relationships.

How To Be Happy For A Lifetime

Someone said this about happiness:

To be happy for an hour -- take a nap.
To be happy for a day -- go shopping.
To be happy for a week -- take a vacation.
To be happy for a month -- get married.
To be happy for a year -- inherit a fortune.
To be happy for a lifetime -- help others.

You and I may argue with a couple of points on that list, but the author is exactly right about how to be happy for the rest of your life. Lasting contentment can always be found in helping others. It is truly a secret that many people have never discovered!

All The Joy You Need

Thomas Aquinas once said, "No one can live without joy." But many people try. And the reason is often simply because they don't know how to be happy! They are so intent on the three P's - power, prosperity and prestige - that they miss out on joy.

Try to imagine this picture. It is a photograph taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson, who pioneered modern photography as an art form during the early decades of the 20th Century. He became known for his photographs of apparent contradictions: pictures that left mysteries unexplained.

The Richest Person In The World

I will always remember Stella. Elderly, blind and living alone, one might think she should have spun long tales of hardship and misery. And I sup­pose she could have told such stories, but she made little room in her life for self-pity. She might have mentioned the deaths of friends and family, including her husband; the glaucoma that finally claimed her eyesight; the small pension on which she was forced to subsist and the arthritis that kept her home­bound in a little trailer house. And nobody could blame her had she de­spaired that she had grown so dependent on others.

Choosing Happiness

Many people have been saying that this era is different and that we have more to worry about than past generations. While it is true that we have major concerns that are unique to us at this time, past generations also had their share of unique challenges. No matter what our challenges are, the decisions and choices we make on a day to day basis determine our ability to be happy. Happiness is a choice and is not dependent on future events and circumstances. Now is the perfect time to be happy.

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