Five Exciting Ways To Spark Your Kid's Imagination

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If there's one thing that a child can fascinate you with, it's what he can do with his imagination. A child's mind is like that of a creative writer, it can bring him to all the places he wants to be in, whether it's in Neverland or in outer space; it allows him to become whoever he wants to be—a superhero, pirate or scientist; and it enables him to do whatever things he likes to do: fly, stop time, or turn objects into gold.

But your kid's imagination is not wild all the time. As a parent, it is up to you to always encourage him to let his imagination soar. Here are some exciting ways that will help you promote active imagination in your kid.

1. Incite your kid's imagination through play. A child's life typically revolves around play because it is from this that he acquires the basic skills he needs to flourish as an individual—including the use of imagination. Spark his imagination by engaging him in imaginative pretend plays. Help him become the superhero he wants to be by helping him put together his superhero costume. Or support his desire to become an astronaut by helping him decorate his bedroom with outer space decors.

2. Give him art projects that will encourage him to create using his imagination. While drawing and painting are excellent ways to incite his creative imagination, it is also a very good idea to provide him with art activities in which he will have to create artworks using recycled materials or those that found in the house but are no longer needed. For example, invite him to mold paper maché sculptures from old newspapers. Just be sure that you assist him in during these activities because it is not safe to leave your kid to use scissors and other art supplies on his own.

3. Provide him with toys and play things that will enable his imagination to fly high. Modern electronic toys that sing, dance or talk may be fun and entertaining for your kid but they are hardly instrumental in inciting your kid's creativity. It is better to opt for building and constructible toys like wooden train sets which your kid can use to build and create trains, houses and communities using his imagination. He can also use these creations as props for imaginative pretend plays. The Maxim Wooden 145 Piece Train Set for example will provide endless possibilities for imagination enriching activities.

4. Parental support and guidance are also key ingredients in stirring your kid's lively imagination. If your kid talks to you about his pirate adventures and the treasures he has captured, don't frown on him or tell him that these make-believe stories are nonsense. If you do that, you're inhibiting his active imagination. Instead, listen to him and be interested in the stories that are products of his imagination.

5. Related to the fourth tip in sparking your kid's imagination is this is fifth and final tip which asks you to join your kid in playtime. Be the princess in the tower that he will save from the dragon or be his crime busting police partner. Playtimes are nice and fun time to spend with your kid. It is a good bonding activity that will not only allow you to get closer to your kid but will also bring out the child in you.

Living in a fantasy world where his imagination soars is an important aspect of being a child. Be supportive as a parent and join your kid in the adventures and see where your imaginations will take you.

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