Educational Toys Can Be Fun

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Most parents these days are looking for toys that can be both educational and fun. When playing with our children, parents want to teach as well as have fun. The benefit of choosing educational toys is that your child can learn colors, counting and even science skills at an early age. While incorporating educational toys into your playtime, you will provide your child with an early start on their confidence and learning ability.

A toy such as the CPS Mini Rollercoaster, which has beads that follow tracks is a great way to encourage basic learning skills in your child. These skills include visual tracking, recognizing colors and shapes and eye hand coordination. As your child moves the beads from one side of the track to the other, it will stimulate creative and intellectual development in your child. The will have hours of fun playing and best of all, you will know that they are learning through that play.

There are a number of different toys that can be mounted on the wall to provide hours of fun for your child, at eye level. The Busy Train Activity Panel adds a colorful touch to your child’s wall, and hours of educational fun as well. There is a memory game that helps your child improve their recall skills and a tic-tac-toe game that teaches strategy and reinforces playing together. There are also gears on the train wheels and a flipper game. This is one toy that will liven up the room as well as entertain while being educational.

Another type of learning toys that promote creativity and teach co operational play are activity tables. These tables are geared toward children 3 years and up. There are many different types of tables each one with different items. There are those with beads and tracks, those with tic-tac-toe built right in, and there are those with magnets that help you move magnetic balls from start to finish. These tables promote hand eye coordination, counting and support color recognition. One unique table, the Magnetic Sea Life Table helps a child move the animals under the sea in creative play. Using magnets, this table teaches great hand eye coordination and stimulates the child with colorful animals.

The play cubes are another great educational toy for your child. These cubes have different learning toys on each side, and a bead and wire maze on the top. There are a few diverse designs to choose from, one being the Castle Mini Play Cube. This cube has five separate toys including moveable castle figures on the bead maze, magnetic drawing face, gears, zig zag car racer and the castle magnetic express.

All of these educational toys build a sense of curiosity in every child. Children are drawn to the bright colors and moving parts. As the children are enticed to play with these toys, their fine motor skills are tuned and developed. When a child can touch and feel a toy moving beneath their fingers, they are more apt to want to continue to play with it. The continued play enhances their dexterity and helps them develop needed cognitive skills.

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