What Does Research Say About Oily Skin?

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Grown into your teenage, a fine day, when you notice some pimple, acne or a blackhead on your face or other parts of body leave you worry how it had came, look ugly ruining the beauty of your face.

But it makes sense; you have got an oily skin which is common among many peoples like you in your age group and few elderly people. Why should your wonder for that? Just search the internet for "pimples" or "acne" and you can find many of those sites which talk of medication like lotion, cream or some form of treatment and just realize that you are not the only one.

Research says that the oily skin is caused by the hormonal changes due to attaining puberty and growing into the teen age period which is in the case of elder changes takes place generally at the post-menopausal time.

If you look further, you will find that oily skin is caused by the extra supply of oil but the glands to the skin, because of the malfunctioning of the immune system for a period of time making the oil gland to produce excess. The skin will be alerted and it goes to the skin. In the body defense mechanism skin is the first to defense and oil is absorbed by a layer in the skin called epidermis, just below its surface. Finding no use of it for the body it allows secreting it through its minute pores and on the surface it generally evaporates but slowly as oil require high temperature to start evaporation

The extra oil on the surface band together to create an oily skin and thus you had oily skin. And since the auto-immune system of your body has stimulated it, the skin also rushes white blood cells to the area, and the intermixing of these two produces pimple, acne, blackheads, etc. Don't try to pinch or wrench these out as it may leave on the skin some marks.

Keep away the menace of the oily skin by taking bath regularly twice a day with warm water, not tepid, but a little warmer, applying a soft soap, not containing too many detergents, and then washing it off. Don't use a rubbing down technique. Pat yourself dry. The dietary habits should also be changed as far as possible, avoid hamburgers, chips, and other oil based savories for some time. It may increase the oil contents in you. Meanwhile, choose to drink lots of water, and fruit juices. Stay away from direct sunlight, and wear light clothes made of cotton, so as to reduce heat from the environment and the sun. Exercise regularly which helps the blood to course through your arteries and veins a little more and thereby increasing the
white blood cells.

And yet, even after your methods are not up to your satisfaction, then consult your physician or a dermatologist. The key lies in accepting that you have it, and not getting down hearted over it.

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