Tanning and Its Adverse Effects

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A Tanning Salon allows a person to get a desired tan indoors. Each salon typically will have a number of tanning beds, which appear like a transparent shell. People are made to lie down for a fixed period of time in these beds and their skin is slowly tanned. You need to visit a salon a number of times to get the right shade of tan which you desire. And later on you have to keep revisiting tanning salons in order to maintain the tan.

A Tanning Salon may work as an independent unit specializing in tanning alone or they could be the part of a beauty salon, or a health club or even a full fledged spa. Their charges are quite high and each visit is charged or a discount could be attained by paying together for a number of visits. At times membership
cards are necessary for utilizing these tanning facilities.

Generally a Tanning Salon is regarded as a healthier alternative to direct tanning under the sun. The long hours one has to spend in the bright sunlight will expose the body to harmful UV rays. While in a tanning bed the heat and light emitted are controlled and hence the UVA and UVB rays are less. These rays are reduced or filtered to keep the skin safe. The earlier salons were not able to control the light and heat well enough, therefore exposed a person immensely to the harmful rays. The risk of skin damage is reduced enormously by the modern tanning chambers.

One thing you need to remember always is that, using natural rays of the sun or tanning beds, increases the risk of skin cancer. Many studies have proven that using these beds raises the possibility of cancer by 70%. Premature aging of the skin is another awful side effect. Our sensitive eyes are always covered
with sunglasses while in a tanning bed but still there is possibility of a cornea or retina damage.

Other minor injuries like skin burns and skin rash are also very common while using tanning beds. Because of these risk salons do not allow minors to use their facilities without the permission of a parent or guardian. They have even stopped advertising their tanning methods as safe, as this could make them legally liable. Several salons are recommending the use of lotions for tanning instead of any kind of light. These lotions increase the melanin in the skin help in tanning.

Apart from selling tanning lotions a Tanning Salon personally treats you with these lotions in order to help you get an effective tan. For this a client needs to step into a shower stall and then he or she is sprayed with temporary tanning lotions which aim at achieving an effective and maximum tan. The client needs to turn from back to front to ensure an absolutely even tan to the whole body. These safer ways of tanning seem to be the solution to healthy tanning.

Tanning Salons are surely trying to find better and safer way to tan your skin but adverse effects cannot be totally rules out.

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