Natural Skin Care – Brighten Your Skin With Facials

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Everything we do everyday exposes our skin to the elements. The hot sun, city pollution, dead skin--all these combine and steal the young life-glow we all have. This maybe so, but there's hope. An all natural skin care regimen using facials can help rejuvenate our skin.

A facial, done once in every 7 days, cleanses, deeply massages, and even steams your face. For extra skin nourishment apply a face pack afterwards.


In facial skin care, you need to pay attention to the cleansing part. It's important because you have to worry about the facemask, which you can only put on deeply cleansed skin. If you want to do your own facial at home, it's advised to use natural skin care products like cleansing milk or cream.

If your skin is oily, try a mild soap with water that's lukewarm; these will remove the oily layer on your skin. For dry skin, put some facial cream on a cotton swab and wipe your face.

Facial Massage

What melts away your tension, soothes, and unclenches your tense muscles, is the facial massage. When massaging, use oils or some talcum powder and do not massage inflamed skin or bruised areas. Before choosing a natural skin care massage cream, you need to know your skin type and whether it's dry, oily, or combination.

Use an upward motion when you massage, from the inner side into the outer side, with little pressure when massaging around your eyes. For maximum results, keep massaging for 15 minutes and, afterwards, wipe the cream off with a cotton swab.


Steaming opens up your skin's pores, which allows it to benefit from the face mask. Boil some water in a wide-mouth pot; put a towel over your head and let your own skin soak up the steam from the pot. Be sure to add in the pot some rose-petals, peppermint, and marigold. Cover the edges of the pot with your towel, so your face gets all the steam; pat dry after 5 minutes.

Applying Face Mask

The last step in a facial is applying the facemask. You can make your own facemask or buy it from a store. A facemask often includes natural skin care ingredients such as lemon juice, orange peel, cucumber, and curds. If you wish to use a commercial facemask, make sure to follow the instructions.

When applying the mask, avoid the area around your eyes, just let the mask touch your neck and face. On your eyes, place cotton swabs previously dipped in some rose water; this will feel refreshing.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable position and relax. After the mask has dried, wash your face with lukewarm water, peel the mask off, and apply moisturizer or cream to your face.

Always remember that the crucial part of a facial is the facemask. The facemask reinvigorates your skin, takes out dead skin cells, loosens blackheads, takes away dirt and allows your pores to breath. So go ahead and make facials a part of your natural skin care routine.

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