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Family portraits are precious keepsakes that can bring you joy forever. Creating a picture perfect portrait presentation is more a matter of proper planning than luck or inherent beauty. Do you think that your best features elude the camera's lens? A good picture has a lot to do with the right kind of lights, your photographer's abilities and your presentation.

In a portrait, clothes are not of much importance. Your face and looks are the deciding factor in a good portrait photograph. Of course your makeup should be flawless.

Here are a few tips to help you put your best face forward.

Foundation: start at the basics

Get to know your skin tone and choose the right foundation for yourself. The foundation is the base for the perfect make up. The right foundation sets the tone for the entire make up to follow. To judge which foundation suits you, apply a little and the color that disappears in your skin is the right color and tone for you. On your jaw line you should apply the shade closest to your skin tone and below it should be the next darker shade, above it should be the next lighter shade.

A face powder complementing your tone is important as well.


Blush will make your cheek bones will look lifted up. While applying remember to apply from earlobe downward till the middle of your cheek bone.

Use lighter shades for better results.

Lip color: sealed with a kiss!

Uuse powder on the lips before applying the color. Use a lip brush for better definition and color. You may want to give your lips a nude look and go just with the gloss. Gently apply the gloss of your choice and leave on..

Eye Make up: Its all in the eyes!

Begin with the eye shadow. Remember that a light color highlights your eyes and a dark causes them to recede. So depending upon how you want to present your eyes, choose the colors. Begin by applying the lightest shade on the entire eye lid. Follow it with the darkest shade on the corners. Then begin putting the eye liner. Remember to begin at the center and then in small, gentle strokes go to the corners of the eye lid.

The mascara finishes your make up and should be applied in the end.

Few tips to remember:

1. Remember in summer use water proof make up.

2. Make an effort to match colors that you use on your face with your skin tone and clothes. You will realise how much difference it makes.

3. Before the shoot check your make up and that of your family members too.

4. Try and compliment the make up of your family.

Keep these tips handy and you will see how much difference it makes if your make up is done in a proper way. You can also try a day before the shoot and experiment with colors and tones to see what suits you the best. Also pay attention to make up removing tips. Proper make up removal is very important as well.

Makeup, though important cannot completely hide puffiness and dark circles that sometimes plague our eyes as we age. These problems can sometimes be helped with the proper topical preparations; one that contains the correct combination of peptides and Vitamin K. Eyederma(tm) is one preparation that appears to be highly effective in the treatment of dark circles and puffiness. It can be purchased at The Bodestore, or from Amazon.

So go ahead and get that perfect family portrait clicked. After all, a picture can speak a thousand words.

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