Looking Natural Looks Better on You

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The best way to apply make up, is to apply is so that it looks like you're not wearing any. In other words: Natural makes you look best. Some people refer to this make up style as minimalist, nude, sheer, and au natural... all of which simply mean: Less is more.

An easy way to achieve an all natural look with your makeup, is to buy products which refer to themselves as "invisible".

The goal is to appear as if you've applied no makeup at all, and to let your natural beauty be enhanced so it'll shine through. Invisible products do this. They help highlight and enhance your personal beauty, instead of trying to cover up or mask flaws. Applying invisible makeup products properly will give you a fresh look and "inner glow".

If you use foundation for instance, you should choose a sheer version that closely matches your skin tone.

Lipstick should be pale or sheer, and also closely match the color tones of your lips to give you a fresh, dewy, young look.

Here are several other beauty products that help you attain a fresh, natural look:

1. Non-foundation – these foundations are those that give you that "nude" color, depending on your skin tone, which creates the illusion of not wearing a makeup base.

2. Light-tinted moisturizers – hydrating your skin has never been more fun. You can wear these light-tinted moisturizers under your make-up to add to your natural look.

Look for tinted moisturizers that help protect your skin. Choosing a sheer color that closely matches your skin tone will help smooth your skin and conceal blemishes when worn under your makeup.

3. Lip gloss or nude lipstick – for a natural look, use a product that will give a sheen to your lips.

You can use lip gloss by itself or over lipstick of a different, but light shade. Your goal is to appear as if the lipstick is barely there.

4. Invisible makeup products – there are eye shadows, lip tints, light eyebrow pencils, blushes and a host of other beauty products that will give you that fresh, "just back from the spa" look.

Stand out and be accepted for who and what you are. Creating an all natural look with your makeup will show off the real you to the world, and make you feel like a million bucks too!

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