Dress Better, Look Slimmer!

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If you have decided to put yourself on a diet you may notice as the weeks and months go by that certain items of clothes don't fit you in the same way that they used to. It is likely that you will find you clothes to be a lot roomier so whether you require a smaller size selection of clothes or your wardrobe is simply ready for a revamp, here are some neat ways you can dress yourself to appear a bit slimmer.

If you tend to wear lighter colours your flaws become more noticeable. If you have gone to all the trouble of putting yourself through a weight loss program the last thing you will want to do is point out the areas which we still feel are troublesome. You can prevent this from happening by simply wearing darker clothes, however do be careful about how much black you choose to wear. The trick is really to cut down on light colours which may wash out your skin tone. Try to keep a stock of darker clothes that have an earthier colour, rather than a load of black clothes.

On a similar note it is important that you don’t wear clothes whose fabric is cut in a manner which will exaggerate problem
areas. It's a bit of a cliché but try to avoid horizontal stripes and designs. Lines will only serve to make you appear wider than you actually are. If you insist on wearing some sort of design then try to go for vertical stripes, failing this just don’t go for a design at all.

If your neck appears longer then it can have something of a slimming effect. Women may want to try wearing low cut blouses or shirts that have a v-neck. This will help to make you appear slimmer and of course it will highlight your beautiful neck. This look would be completed nicely with an eye catching necklace.

Some people may find that low rise pants can be a little restrictive for most activities however if you are a keen reader of fashion magazines then you will no doubt know that most fashion gurus are raving about low rise pants at the moment. If
you wear low rise jeans they will have the magical effect of not just elongating your torso but also making you appear much less bulky. You shouldn't have much trouble finding suitable clothes as most styles these days are low rise. If you find that the jeans you buy leave some of your skin exposed then try to find a suitable blouse that has a flattering cut.

Tricks for making you appear slimmer are not necessarily limited to how you dress. It is also worth bearing in mind that
hairstylists swear that you will appear smaller if your hair is kept out of your face. Of course you will have your own preferences when it comes to hairstyles there is no use arguing for or against long or short hairstyles. Some high end salons
may have clever computer programs which will allow you to see yourself with a handful of styles before you go about getting it cut. If you have more of a budget to hand then why not try and track such a salon down.

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Trevor Richards is writing on behalf of Room 14 Menswear (http://www.room14menswear.co.uk), a UK retailer of
mens designer clothes.

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