Common Self Tanning Mistakes

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Self tanning is an alternative method to get that sun-kissed complexion without risking one’s health from the damaging radiation of the sun. However, even if you have the best sunless tanning products, you need to do it the right way if you want to achieve its maximum and desirable results. Problems which involve uneven color of the skin or staining garments can all be prevented if you use the product correctly. Below are some of the most mistakes that people commit when self tanning:

* Unfortunately, some forget to exfoliate and moisturize their skin before self tanning due to carelessness or insufficient time. Skipping this very important step can result in uneven tan. Moisturizers are to be applied right away before applying a self-tanning product. Or, you can start preparing your skin for the application by exfoliating and moisturizing your skin a few days before the treatment.

* Apply your tan slowly and carefully on your skin. If you are prone to streaking, you may want to use tanning lotions instead of foams. This way, you have more time to rub the product onto your skin.

* Elbows, knees and other thicker areas of the skin tend to absorb the product more easily which can result to darker colored skin. Never fail to scrub and moisturize these areas days before the procedure. Another solution is to dilute the tanner with a moisturizer before applying them to these areas. Moisturizer can block the effects of tanner thus minimizing its results.

* There are cases in which the tanner would not give you the expected shade as it may be too yellow or too orange in color. You have to keep in mind that the variations in effects are influenced by one’s type of skin and color. To avoid such mistake, you need to choose the best self tanner by testing the product first. However, if you already have the tan and you find the shade too dark, go to the swimming pool and take a dip or take a swim. The chlorine in the pool can help you lighten the color.

* It can be pretty frustrating if you see that there are no effects after applying a tanning product. This usually happens when the skin is too moisturized or too wet to properly hold the product. Another reason is that too old products tend to give the same results as well. Make sure to read the products’ expiration dates; or if the scent changes, toss the product out.

* Self tanners can color anything that it comes contact with. So, you need to be careful with your hands if you do not want to end up having weird looking orange palms. To prevent this from happening, it is best to wear surgical gloves while applying self tanners. Also, wash your hands frequently with soap and water to wash off stains. There are people who prefer to use spray tans instead of creams or lotions to avoid such cases. However, be careful with your eyes and mouth when using sunless tanning sprays. Keep them tightly closed always.

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