Causes And Treatment Of Dry Skin

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The problem of dry skin occurs severely especially in winters. This is because when cool breeze outside and warm breeze inside result in creation of low relative humidity. People face most common problem of `Xeroderma' or dry skin in such situation.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and is believed to be the most important one. This particular part receives lower gland activity and less blood flow in it. The skin is made of several layers in which dermis is the layer found beneath epidermis consisting of several connective tissues that cushions the body from strain and stress. This dermis is firmly connected to epidermis with a basement membrane. Blood vessels inside the dermis supply nourishment as well as waste removal in the cell along with epidermis.

The intake of some drugs like diuretics, antihistamines, and antispasmodics contribute to cause dry skin. In fact people with diabetes can also suffer from the problem of severe skin complications. Some other factor like nutritional deficiencies especially deficiency of Vitamins of group A and B contribute to dry skin.

Xeroderma is also caused due to Vitamin A deficiency, over sun light exposure and systemic illness or due to some medications. The dry skin can be improved by drinking plenty of water, using oily-based moisturizers and everyday use of bath oils lead to the reduction in the problem.

There are several ways by which people can combat dry skin problem but here are few simpler ways to dry skin improvement. Put small quantity of coconut oil into your smoothies. Stick more on diet full of vegetables and fruits concentration and people will have to say no to junk foods. This simple following can effectively bring an improvement in the condition of dry skin.

Eating one organic apple or food containing essential fatty acids daily will also work to eliminate dry skin problem.
Remember, good skin reflects good digestive system of an individual. To remove makeup in the night, nourishing oil works better in comparison to a cosmetic cleanser such as coconut oil. This oil nourishes your skin better than anything else and you can considerably see the difference in your skin sometimes after its regular use.

You need to keep your skin clean or else the skin will appear inflamed or cracked. Dirty skin favors growth of pathogenic organisms or the dead cells, which constantly marsh off the epidermal layer and mixes with the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat. The dust present on such skin is more tend to form a filthy and grimy layer on the skin surface. This filthy layer will cause a skin that is affected by a number of diseases, ailments, or bad conditions.

If you are not able to combat the problem of dry skin by yourself, and various problems such as itching and dryness are still persisting with you, do not discontinue using good quality moisturizer and try to keep your skin nourished and conditioned. In severe cases, going to a dermatologist will help you get rid of dry skin and its bothersome results. With the advice of your dermatologist, you can perfectly see your skin improving within
few days.

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