All Natural Treatments For Hair Loss

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Chemical based hair loss products have side effects that can seriously affect your health. Chemicals are not good as they tend to change the chemical composition of cells or hormones which have no connection to the hair whatsoever. The less serious side effects include gaining weight, itching of the scalp, and headaches. There are more serious side effects which include lowered sex drive, erectile dysfunction. Losing your hair is a stress on its own without having to experience health problems. You could rather go for the natural products that have been proven to be successful and effective at putting a stop to hair loss without any side effects at all.

Almost all natural treatments for hair loss date back to hundreds of years. You will be surprised to be told of a
treatment that was used by your great grandmother to take care of her hair. Natural treatments are derived from plants such as rosemary, sage, saw palmetto, nettle and aloe vera. These remedies may be in the form of oils or poultices. Rinses, gels and creams can be made from natural ingredients.

Aloe vera is one of the most common and widely used plants in natural remedies. This herb is good for healing skin on the scalp that has been irritated. Irritation may be due to use of hair chemicals, tight hairstyles or thermal treatments. Imbalances of pH also cause hair loss of which aloe vera balances the pH. Hair follicles are also cleaned especially when they have been clogged by oils from the sebum gland. There is promotion of enzyme activity essential in the process of hair growth.

Rosemary is another common herb that acts as a stimulant. It is more effective when used in conjunction with sage. The combination promotes the generation of new hair follicles. It also stimulates the follicles to come out of resting and continue the cycles of hair growth. These herbs can be made into a rinse which can be used after shampooing. The leaves are boiled and then strained.

Oils can be made from grape seed, lavender, cedar, thyme and other herbs. The oils tend to cause the scalp to relax such that it can start the process of healing. The arteries leading to the scalp are widened such that there is increased flow of blood. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients which are essential for the use by the hair follicles.

Procerin is medication that is commercially manufactured. Its ingredients are comprised of extracts from plants such as saw palmetto, nettle, avocado oil, pumpkin seed and grape seed. Procerin works by inhibiting the production of DHT by combining with the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. It is manufactured into pills and a serum which only target DHT production and nothing else.

All natural treatments for hair loss are safe to use. There will be no side effects that will stress your body or your mind. Massaging the scalp will contribute to the better absorption of the herbal treatments. It is certainly better to use these treatments for healthier growing hair.

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