A Woman's Top 5 tips for a lean, sexy body!

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So all you women want to know how to have a sexy, firm, and healthy body? Here are my TOP 5 tips:
One: Weight Train! That's right, you need to weight train or use some method of resistance at minimum 2x's but better off 3x's per week. Why? Let's put this in simple terms. After the age of around 30 or so, the human body will start to lose muscle mass, and if you don't provide your bod a means of keeping the muscle there, you will start to get soft. Also muscle is a very active tissue (it needs calories to keep it there) you will start to slow down your resting metabolic rate and gain body fat. Not a good thing if you want to firm up. Workout with a weight you can handle at least 8-10 repetitions, but if you get over 15 increase the weight.

Two: Do aerobics first thing in the a.m. along with a quality whey protein supplement for best fat loss!

This "tweak" as I call it, is something I have recently been experimenting with some of my clients as well as myself. Basically, when you sleep all night your body will eventually start to lose muscle because you're not supplying it with any amino acids to keep the building process going. When you first get up have a serving of whey protein, which will get into your cells quickly so you can give the muscles a kick start. Then proceed to do your aerobic training (walking, biking, running, etc.) for at least 30-40 minutes. Always perform a warm-up and cool down when finished.

Three: Eat every 3-4 hours! This is essential and probably THE most important factor. You must get your body and metabolism elevated and the only way to do it safely and for the long-term is by eating more frequent. I know you may not want to hear that, but I want to give you the cold, hard truth. Eating this frequent constantly burns more calories, because you burn up calories everytime you eat. If you skip meals or go too long without eating, your body goes into a breakdown mode and your blood sugar dips too low. If this occurs you will get very hungry and probably eat either too much or "junk foods" that don't give you any nutritional value.

Four: Eat your veggies, but limit high sugar fruits and fruit juices! Yes, you heard me, if you eat green veggies a few times per day, you will do a lot for a firmer bod. First, they keep you feeling fuller longer because you can eat more of them and they don't have hardly any calories. And secondly, fibrous veggies help to dampen insulin levels when you eat other type of carbs. Insulin is a storage hormone, and if too much is released from the pancreas at once you tend to promote fat stores. However, veggies will slow down the release of insulin and you will have a less of a tendency to store fat and you will have more sustained energy. Too much fruit or fruits too high in fructose will cause you to gain fat. Stick with the berry groups, pears, green apples, granny smith apples, and kiwi.

Five: Take an essential mulitivitamin/ mineal and essential fatty acid! By taking quality multivitamin/ mineral supplement you will ensure your body is getting adequate nutrients. Make sure it's dissolvable within an hour or so. Drop it in a cup of vinegar to see if it dissolves. They should be taken with food. Essential fats are fats our bodies can't produce. Studies have shown men and women who were too deficient in fats had hormone production problems. You must realize that if your hormone levels are not normalized many times you will promote fat storage (ever heard of what too much estrogen can do)? You will also develop dry, scaly skin, brittle finger nails and toe nails, and there is a good chance your hair will fall out. Certain fats carry the fat-soluble vitamins a,d,e,k, help lubricate joints, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and aid in lowering cholesterol. I suggest a flax/borage complex or evening primrose oil.

There are other things you can do as well, but these I feel are the most pertinent for women to truly get the results they are looking for. Keep in mind that consistency in doing all these things will yield great results, but if you go astray you will just delay your success.

About the Author:
Brian A. Gurneak is a Professional Personal Fitness Trainer for over a dozen years. He specializes in muscle building and fat loss. He is also a successful professional fitness model for seven years and a former competitive national level drug-free bodybuilder. For more articles and tips please visit http://www.complete physique.info

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