17 Makeup Tips To Save Money And Look Great

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1. Waste not want not. Somethings can be recycled. When your mascara is all used up, don't throw the wand away. Wash it thoroughly with soap and water and use it as a lash separator.

2. For natural looking, yet lush lashes, after applying each coat of mascara, separate the lashes with an eye lash comb or a clean, dry mascara wand.

3. Before applying eye makeup, lie down with a cucumber slice over each eye for 15 minutes to reduce puffiness.

4. If a zit appears, before you hide it with makeup, bring down the redness with ice. Then apply a pimple remedy and paint on the concealer to hide the zit

5. To brighten your eyes, line just behind the lower lashes with white mascara.

6. If your lipstick melts, don't throw it away. Transfer it into a clean ointment jar and apply it with a lip brush.

7. You can also mix melted lipstick with Vaseline in an ointment jar to form a tinted lip balm

8. If you want cats eyes, use a liquid eye liner on the upper lash line. Start with a fine line from the inner corner, but thicken the line dramatically as you move towards the outer corner of the eye. Then wing out. Here is a step by step guide on how to apply eyeliner

9. If you want color, there is no need to do a rainbow. A subtle application of an electric blue eyeliner on nude eyeshadows would do the trick. Or play up your eyes with a single bright eyeshadow in violet, or even orange, but offset it with neutral shadows like browns, grays and blacks.

10. Make lips look fuller by dabbing the center of the lower lip with a silver or gold eyeshadow.

11. Blush can be used for all over radiance. Apply dust it over your cheekbones, chin, tip of nose, forehead and even over your eyelids for that naturally pretty look that will not clash.

12. Before you even start applying makeup, apply your daily moisturizer and let your skin soak it up. Go for one with SPF15 to give you the protection you need from the aging UV rays of the sun. Spread a tissue paper over your face to blot off the excess.

13. Make lashes appear fuller with by lining the lower lash line with black eye pencil liner. Gently tug down the lower eyelid to draw the line just behind your lashes.

14. Reduce redness by using a green shades.

15. Reduce sallowness with lilac.

16. Remove waterproof mascara with a makeup remover meant for waterproof mascara. If you can't find such a makeup remover, you can improvise with olive oil.

17. Have cotton buds handy in case of mistake. Dip the cotton bud in makeup remover and use that to erase mistakes.

18. Apply colorless nail polish and let it dry completely before you apply a dark colored nail polish. Protect your nails from the pigments with that base.

19. Protect your manicure with a colorless nail polish once the color has dried completely.

20. Refresh a chipped manicure by touching up the color. Once dry and all the missing bits have been painted on, freshen the manicure with a coat of clear polish over every nail.

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