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5 Ways to Find Your Real Self Again

On the surface it seems an odd idea that you could actually be anything other than who you really are. But from the time we can talk, we're being programmed to "fit in". We find ourselves conforming in order to please the people we love, and who love us. But sometimes that means that you have to suppress what you know is the real person inside.

If you're ready to get re-acquainted with someone you haven't seen in a while - yourself - start with these 5 ideas to help you rediscover the real you.


7 Things Happy People Know How To Do (And You Can Too!)

Ever wondered about those people who seem to be able to always roll with the punches and be happy no matter what the circumstances (we all know at least one)? Are they out of touch with reality, or do they know something that you don't?

I was curious, so I began to ask "happy" people what they thought their secret was. Here's some of the answers I got. See if using one of them in your own life might help you be a happier person too.

7 Steps to Make It Happen

Step 1. Identify it. The southern expression for that is "Name it and Claim it". What do you really want? Be specific. Not, "I want a job that will pay my bills". Instead - "I want to work as a Store Manager making $XXX per month." Also try to look past the obvious goal, and connect to the feeling you are really looking for. "I want to be able to feel safe with my money, not just each month but for the future." Sometimes you can let go of a specific goal and find another way to get the same feeling.

Try a Little F-O-C-U-S

At a baseball game recently, I saw a 10 year old boy with his glove, staring intently at batter after batter, waiting on the foul ball that he just knew would be coming his way. He wasn't distracted by the noise around him, or the people stepping over him to get concessions.

He wasn't tempted by the gift shop, or the kids club house. I'm sure it wasn't that he didn't find those things interesting. More than likely he did. But what he really wanted was on that field, and if he left his seat, he could have missed his chance.


What Not to Do Every Day

With time flying by faster and faster every day, you already know it’s important to decide what you’re going to do each day. However, it’s equally important to know what not to do. Add some Don’ts to your day, and see how it helps with all those Do’s.

Don’t over schedule your day.

Impress Yourself!

Do you find feeling good about yourself difficult? You may have learned to talk badly to yourself, or you may have let criticism stop you from trying anything new. So you find yourself in a rut, doing nothing, wishing for something better.

But there is one sure fire way to lift your spirits and help you start on the path of feeling the sense of accomplishment and pride in your life again.

IMPRESS YOURSELF! Do something that can make you say, "Yea me! Look what I did!" .It doesn't need to be anything big - maybe you could.

Organize your space
Fix the leaky toilet

7 Weeks To A Happier Life

Life is usually what we make it. Wait a minute -- did I say "make it"? I know, I know, the conventional theory is that "life happens" -- um, yeah, I cleaned that up a bit.

And while there are things that none of us can control -- weather, economy, construction crews, other people -- there are many things that you are in charge of. These are the things that help you lead a happier life. Put one into place in the SPECIFICS of your life, and
at the end of 7 weeks you'll have a happier, easier, better life than ever before.

Stop Worrying, Start Choosing

Do you take the "ignorance is bliss" strategy in your life?

Many people Sleep-Walk through life, worrying about what might happen, then "letting things happen", instead of actively choosing what they want in their life lives

The first step to change - any change- must begin with becoming aware of what you are doing.

How? Stop worrying, start choosing.

Stop Procrastination Now

How long did it take you to realize the benefits of removing a splinter right away from your finger? As a child, removing that splinter seemed like an awful thing to do, but experience FINALLY taught us that if we leave it alone, it will only get infected, get worse, and be a whole lot harder to deal with.

But have you really learned this lesson yet?

Allowing - even courting - delay in your life is a huge road block between you and a great life. When you respond to a problem, situation, request, task, etc. without delay, you minimize the action - and the pain -- involved. .

Your Best Possible Life

How do you define happiness? Is it a beach cabin in Hawaii? Is it having freedom to do what you want to do? Is it having a good relationship with a special someone?

Happiness is indeed an individual definition. For our purposes, let's agree that it would mean a life that's working and comfortable in several different areas: Time, Environment, Work, Thoughts, and Relationships.

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