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Vancouver, a Great Vacation City of Canada

Vancouver has a high international ranking as it is amongst the world's top ten most “livable” cities. It has also the honour of hosting many international conferences and events, the latest one was the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver is also known as the best retirement city of the world.

Vancouver Internatinoal Airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond, British Colombia, Canada, about 12 km from Downtown Vancouver. It is the second busiest airport of Canada and has won several best international airport awards.

The Most Powerful Success Formula

Success is on everyone's mind whether he is rich or poor, highly educated or uneducated, civilized or uncivilized, living in big commercial cities or in remote areas. More than 6 million people go to google search every month to find the success related information.

What is Success?

How To Speed Up Your Recovery From Illness

From time to time, we all face different types of health problems in our life. Mostly minor ailments bother us but sometimes real life threatening diseases such as heart attack, kidney failure, cancer etc., frighten us. If you realize that the dragon of death is fast approaching you to take away your life, what would be your immediate reaction? Would you surrender or fight with your full force? There are many stories of brave people who defeated death even when there was little hope of their survival.

Fear Or Not To Fear

No matter how brave are you but the fact is that some kind of fear always keeps you on the toe. Some people face the fear bravely and try to diminish their fear as far as possible while others fell prey to the fear virus and thus make their own life miserable.

Live With a Purpose

What is the purpose of your life? Working, eating and sleeping is no life. There must be some good purpose and some noble cause of your living.

What do you want to do for yourself and for others? What do you want to achieve in your life? What do you want to tell others and to yourself? Why you are here in this world? Get up, open your eyes, look straight in the mirror and tell to yourself the real purpose of your own life, loudly and clearly.

I am in Love

I am in love and it’s a matter of great excitement, joy and happiness for me. No doubt, I am flying in the air without wings. I am feeling so good that I want to share my joy with you and, therefore, invite you to join me in this adventure of self-love.

I am deeply in love but with nobody except me and it’s true, though it may look strange to you. I love the person who is within my body. I am my own man, my own person, and my own lover. I am in harmony with my mind, heart and soul. I am truly and happily in love with my inner-self.

Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life

What is the best way to live life?

Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. You are here in this world for a short period of time. Therefore, you must enjoy each and every single moment of your life. If you don’t want to enjoy your life then you are no more a living person.

Don’t deprive yourself of your God given right to enjoy life. Dance with the rhythm of your life. Life is worth living!

How to Become a Successful Person

It’s a dream of everybody to become a successful person. Isn’t it? Then why most people remain losers and unsuccessful throughout their lives? A very simple answer! They do not possess the required qualities of a successful person. You cannot win unless you develop a winning aptitude within you. In order to become a successful person you need to know the characteristics of a successful person which I am giving below, in brief:

1. Education and Skills

Your New Year Health Goals: Quit Unhealthy Foods/Eating Habits

Did you set your New Year’s health goals?

If you are above forty then you must start taking precautionary measures to keep yourself fit. Most people at the age of forty start suffering from some kind of ailments. If they do not change their eating habits and lifestyle then it is quite possible that they may develop some serious diseases and thus have to take medicines throughout their lives.

New Year Message from the Editor

Happy New Year 2011 to all my friends, guests, self improvement enthusiasts and the regular visitors of your favourite website http://www.selfimprovement.ch

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