The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

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When it comes to your plan and the goals outlined within it, setting yourself up for success is important right from the start. Having the best intentions is not what is going to get you to your final destination. The only way you will get to where you want to go is to take action.

Developing some good daily habits can be very beneficial when it comes to keeping you on track with your plans and following through.

The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

One of the best daily habits you can develop is reviewing your mission statement and goals each and every day. Doing so will help you to override older bad habits such as procrastination that can sometimes steer you off course.

Remember-every time you complete a task, you get to check it off. Every time you check off a task, you are that much closer to reaching your goal. Each smaller task that you complete during the process of working towards achieving your larger goals is an important milestone that gets you closer to your main goal or mission.

If you review your goals and mission statement each and every day, eventually they will become a part of your life and a part of who you are. This is what you want, as this is what will keep you on track with your plan.

Your follow-up routine needs to include the following elements:

* Read mission statement.
* Review goals.
* Break goals down into smaller tasks.
* Set up daily to-do list.
* Schedule or block out specific times on your calendar to work on each task.
* Complete daily tasks per your schedule.
* Check off tasks and monitor your progress.

Another important habit to develop is to keep things fresh and interesting for yourself each day. Do something different than you normally do every day. Change, no matter how small is good for us. It stops us "getting old" in our thinking. It can be something small such as turning right instead of left when you leave the house to go about your business tomorrow. Change your route. When you make little changes every day you'll notice your awareness starts to expand. And with each expansion of your awareness you get more in tune with yourself-your higher self. The purpose of your higher self is always to steer you in the direction of what's right for you-to steer you toward your purpose.

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